About Goboko - free aircraft booking

Over 36,500 pilots belonging to more than 2,200 aircraft groups have made 1,410,602 aircraft bookings using Goboko

The Goboko free online aircraft web site was written by a flying syndicate at Biggin Hill, EGKB. The web site and iPhone app are now partly funded by advertisements. Please contact us if you would like your advertisement to appear on our home page and on 50,000 booking confirmation emails sent to pilots each month

The Goboko web site and iPhone app have always been completely free for any flying group, club or commercial school to use to book their aircraft


  • Mobile-friendly web site and iPhone app
  • Booking by pilot or only by club
  • Configurable operating hours and booking slot lengths
  • Different ways to view your bookings:
    • overview of unlimited aircraft and instructors on a day, ideal for larger flight schools
    • day at a time for an aircraft or instructor
    • week at a time for an aircraft or instructor
    • month at a time for an aircraft
    • year at a time for an aircraft
  • Waitlist (blocked bookings) with automatic confirmation on cancellation of the blocking booking
  • Booking confirmation emails
  • Member management including license renewal dates and renewal reminders
  • Notice board with badge to indicate new messages
  • Block out downtime such as maintenance
  • Multi-day bookings and recurring patterns of bookings
  • Booking history and statistics
  • Timezone-aware

Take a trial flight to try out the booking system and when you are ready to start using Goboko, click here to sign up your flying group